April Rivers

Who or what inspired you to want to ride?

I have always been envious of women on motorcycles. It looked so liberating. I was in awe of their bravery, especially because of the extra attention that gets spotlighted on female riders. I didn’t want to subject myself to that scrutiny and possibly fail. Getting older, I’ve realized that I am the only thing stopping me from achieving my goals. It doesn’t hurt that my best friend (and husband) has been the greatest cheerleader and supporter of me doing the things that scare me.


What are you expecting to gain from riding?

I have already gained so much confidence in myself from the minute I got on a bike. Immeasurable.


What are your fears?

I have a healthy respect for the position of vulnerability you put yourself in while riding, but I am learning that most of my fears are really other people’s fears that I am absorbing. When I trust myself, things get much easier.


What are you looking forward to?

Riding with other ladies, riding with my husband, feeling more comfortable on the bike, and going on longer trips.


Current bike?

2015 Triumph Bonneville Newchurch – w/crash bars (best purchase, btw)


You’re a mom, what does that mean for you while riding?

My family is my priority and so I may be overly cautious. I still practice, practice, practice at a driving range to make sure that I feel comfortable with all of the controls. I’ll hit the road when I am ready, but not before. However, my 6 year old son finally thinks that I am a badass.

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