Jen Fairchild

  1.  What is your occupation?  I am a full-time wedding and lifestyle photographer.  Tell your friends!
  2.  How long have you been riding?  I’ve been riding for 4 months now (newb!) although I have to say it feels like longer.  Riding just feels like something I was always meant to do.
  3.  Why or what/who inspired you?  Prior to this year I was a professional passenger on my man Jeff’s bike for 3 years.  I loved being on the open road with him but there were times I got pretty bored and tired of not being able to see what was directly in front of me (and to be completely honest, I wanted to be in control).  I knew a few girls that were riding (yourself included) and I think that that planted the baby seed in my head of ‘I want to do this’.  From the moment I first said that out loud to my boyfriend he was 100% all for it and was the one that bought me a spot in a riding class for Christmas last year.
  4.  Most memorable ride/trip?  Anytime I’m riding with Jeff I’m in heaven but unfortunately we haven’t had a lot of chances to ride together this year because he got in an accident which resulted in his bike being totaled.  Thankfully he walked away with just a few scratches.  He was however able to borrow a bike from his good friend ’the Rev’ a few weeks ago and we set out on our first all day ride together throughout northern Utah.  It could not have been a more enjoyable day!
  5.  Current bike:  my mans 1200 sportster.
  6.  Moto goals: I’ve been thinking that a dyna wide glide is what I want.  Because Jeff had his road king for long trips he had put a lot of work into his sportster to be his ‘around town’ bike – and since that’s now my main bike I’m realizing that for my next one I’d really like to have a bigger tank and maybe a saddle bag or two so I can cruuuise for days.
  7.  Future rides you are looking forward to?  Jeff and I are heading out of town next weekend for a camping trip in Granite Creek with a bunch or our friends, and after that I’ll be heading to Babes Ride Out in Joshua Tree in October with my Litas babes and I’m so excited for both of those trips!  I haven’t been on an overnight trip yet so I am jonesing for days on days on days of riding.

Check out Jen’s amazing phography here… Jen Fairchild Photography

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