Why FF Moto and who is The Flying Frenchman

This website and my entire company are a tribute to the woman rider… EVERY woman rider.  We are all connected by the love of two wheels and I felt it was about damn time we were represented in a positive and supportive light.  We are not just bike candy as women have been seen for many years in the motorcycle industry.  We are single entrepreneurs to stay at home mom’s… we are short, tall, extra small, to extra large.  We own 1960’s 50cc Honda Dreams to 2015 103 cubic inch Harley Touring bikes.  We may ride daily or we may ride twice per year but we are all equal and connected by the spirit of the road.

The name FF Moto is a tribute to my Grandfather, Butch Boucher.  He was a reckless and infamous Jalopy racer and his nickname in the circuit was the Flying Frenchman.  He was an incredible example of living life to it’s fullest and living without fear… he was probably part of what got me into trouble a lot growing up since he instilled that fearlessness in me at a very early age.

I’ve been riding for seven years and it all began with a trip to Sturgis in 2007.  I was a passenger on my husbands bike on that trip.  Being a passenger had always been enough for me and I never had any intention of piloting my own bike.  Somewhere along the road in the middle of the open plains of Wyoming, Andrew leaned forward to stretch his back and that’s when it hit me… quite literally.  I received the full brunt of the wind on my chest for the first time and I LOVED IT!  This is what the rider gets to feel!  I promised myself on that trip that I would have my license and my own bike by April of 2008, so that’s exactly what happened.  My first bike was a 1994 883 Harley Davidson Sportster.  I had her less than a year thanks to a reckless driver that caused a massive accident on the freeway.  She was totaled… I was devastated and broken.  Road rash up and down my legs, a bruised pelvis, broken fingers, dislocated knuckles and a shattered wrist as well, enduring 7 months of recovery and physical therapy never broke my desire to get back on the bike.  July of 2009 I found my 2006 Sportster 1200R and she is my dream bike!  My life’s busy and unpredictable.  The only time I feel truly centered, peaceful, and fully in the moment is when I’m on the bike… riding is my Zen.

Sometimes we need to give in to the signs of the world… even when it’s scary as hell.  My career as a wardrobe stylist in the movie industry had been handing me signs that it was time to move on for a year or so and the last show I worked was the final straw.  I wasn’t willing to give any more life blood to that career.  I’ve always felt drawn to do something in the industry that I love most and I’ve always felt that women were under appreciated and sometimes even objectified which led me to start FF moto.  I’m still not 100% sure where this thing is headed… and yes, I still wonder what the f*** I’m doing everyday.  But, I’m trusting my heart and my gut that this is where I’m meant to be.

Thank you to all that are supporting FF Moto with your stories and participation in the women’s riding community… I promise to continue to do my part and there is a lot more to come.


Please enjoy the photos of my Pépère, the Flying Frenchman.  (click on the photo for more)

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