Jessica Garcia

I grew up on a ranch in Santa Fe riding horses. My uncles were a couple of old Harley fellas who helped foster my tomboy ways. I wanted a motorcycle for as long as I can remember and finally got my 883 Sportster about 7 years ago. While everyone else is getting bigger, better, or cooler bikes, I remain sentimental to my very first baby. She has undergone many changes, but I don’t think I will ever let her go. She has taken me so many place, most memorable of which was last summer on a trip back to Santa Fe. It was the very first time my boyfriend and I had ever ridden together. We embarked on a 1500 mile trip to all my favorite childhood places. We ate green chile on everything, rode for miles through mountains in the rain, and spent time with my family. That trip holds many of my favorite moments. I hope to continue to make badass memories with all the people I have met through motorcycling. Every summer seems to just get better and better!

Photo cred @Lady_hump

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