Nicole Andrijauskas

What is your occupation?

“Sign painter/ freelance artist”

How long have you been riding?

“12 years”

Why or what/who inspired you?

“I sold my car when I moved to San Francisco and hated public transportation. I lied to the woman I bought a scooter from that I “used to ride motorcycles” so she would sell it to me. Shortly after that, I just thought…well, why not get a motorcycle? I wanted to go faster real bad. A friend showed me the basics, and a week later I bought a ’69 Honda Scrambler 350. I rode a lot with my dude friends & learned a lot about pushing myself. Riding with women is pretty new and such a fresh perspective. Anyone who rides continues to stoke me out.”

Most memorable ride/trip?

“So many! I dated guys that were into bikes and learned to ride on flat track, the dirt, and back roads, but the most special was about 5 years ago, when I rode from SF to Auburn to meet my uncle who had just ridden across the country on his enormous Valkyrie. He used to own a motorcycle shop in the 70’s and was now an old, feisty, fat fart with a constant shit-eating grin. I didn’t have much highway experience & was riding a ’77 Honda 400 Sport, so who knew if it would make it! Luckily, it did. We met at my grandma’s house and zipped from one small town to the next through Tahoe, ate chili dogs, ran out of gas, told jokes, & he bought me a new tire. It felt like we were both little kids with trouble at our heels!”

Current bike?

“Two bikes: ’96 Harley Sportster, hard tail with zero controls & no front brake, and a ’14 Harley Sportster48.”

Moto goals?

“Surf my bike, no hands mom! And also ride to Havasu, AZ and hike to the falls.”

Futures rides you are looking forward to?

“BRO (Babes Ride Out) in October which falls in the middle of a 2 week trip that goes through Vegas to see my Dad & shoot guns in the desert, and up through CA to visit friends on my way back home.”


Photo Creds–

yellow dress: Brittni Cute (@bcutephotography)

Adidas: Lanakila MacNaughton (@fevvvvaa)


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