Wendy Monsalvo

My name is Wendy @birdy_freebird

I’m a nurse by profession, I started off as a Certified nurses assistant (CNA) did that for 5yrs and then I had my son and decided I needed to make more money to support him so off to nursing school I went, I’ve been a nurse now for 9 years now. It was my calling, I always knew from a young age that’s what I’d be no questioned asked.

image6I started off riding atv’s, dirt bikes, odysseys, golf carts, boats, go-carts really anything with wheels or a motor at a very young age. My dad growing up was the care taker for a man who owned the Desloge Mansion,┬áso we stayed there often and basically grew up on that property taking advantage of all their toys and amenities. Looking back on it we were very fortunate. My dad was a big influence in my love for motorcycles he had one and I was always fascinated by them. When I turned 14 my dad had an affair and I’ve basically haven’t ┬áseen him since nor had any sort of relationship with him since and I’m 33yrs old now. Guess the love for motorcycles is in the blood.

I convinced my then boyfriend (who’s my husband now) to buy a bike and we shared it for about a little less then a year, his guy friends gave him a hard time about him letting me ride his bike, here in Missouri the bike culture is a mans world and women belong on the back, but I’m dedicated to changing that backwards old school way of thinking! I’ve always been one to want to do what the boys were doing and prove to them I could and will do it better. I wake board, snowboard, ski, I can even do a rip stick and it all started because I was going to prove all the boys wrong! And I did.

image5I bought my own bike almost 3yrs ago now it’s a 2012 Harley Nightster 1200 with a stage 2 kit and some other custom odds and ends. My bike gives me a sense of pride, a sense of freedom and power on the road, it brings happiness to my life. Riding is my zen place. I’m aggressive out there on the road cause you have to be, some people have no respect for motorcycles on the road and a lot of people aren’t paying attention.

I’m looking forward to our ride from St. Louis, Missouri to Joshua Tree, California for Babes ride out 3. I started following babesrideout the very first event they had and I was so pumped for them seeing all the female riders getting together and bonding over motorcycles! I knew I had to make it out there for an event! I met some girls on Instagram and they all have the same dream, so together we are going to go live our dreams and do this trip of a lifetime together. I always go after what I want in life, life is too short not too. I’m scared at the same time, all the unknowns and what ifs and the thought of going down or being hit is always crossing your mind. I’m also a mom I have 3 kids ages 11, 8, and 9 months, they need their mom and I need them so it’s always in the back of my mind how dangerous motorcycles really are. If anything was to ever happen to me I would want my kids to know I loved being on my motorcycle and to never let it scare them not to ride. Being safe and smart is the key and always being alert.

My husband has been my number one fan and he’s always cheering me on in my corner. He never holds me back for fear of being embarrassed cause his friends think it’s strange I ride. He always encourages and pushes me to get out there and go after it and for that I love him.

I don’t have many photos of me riding or with my bike cause I’ve been too busy enjoying the ride but hopefully with starting the Litas St. Louis branch I can get someone to take some photos of us girls out on the road!



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