Category : featured riders

06 Oct 2015

April Rivers

Who or what inspired you to want to ride? I have always been envious of women on motorcycles. It looked so liberating. I was in awe of their bravery, especially because of the extra attention that gets spotlighted on female riders. I didn’t want to subject myself to that scrutiny and possibly fail. Getting older, I’ve realized that I am the only thing stopping me from achieving my goals. It doesn’t hurt that my best friend (and husband) has been […]

06 Oct 2015

Abigail Knibbe

Raised by a father who is a doctor, it was ingrained and drilled into me at a very young age just how dangerous motorcycles could be. Riders were referred to as “organ donors” in our house. Not that they were doing anything wrong, not that they were bad or stupid people, the ER was just a place where you see too much of the negative side of riding, one that my father just couldn’t imagine for his kids. It was […]

06 Oct 2015

Janelle Kaczmarzewski

I don’t have an occupation in the traditional sense of the word. I volunteer my time fighting for something I believe in; combating the illegal wildlife trade. I live in Laos for 8 months out of the year implementing anti-wildlife trafficking campaigns and educational projects. During the other 4 months, such as right now, the monsoon season is raging on in SE Asia and traveling between villages becomes very difficult and school is often out of session. It is therefore […]