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04 Nov 2015

Wendy Monsalvo

My name is Wendy @birdy_freebird I’m a nurse by profession, I started off as a Certified nurses assistant (CNA) did that for 5yrs and then I had my son and decided I needed to make more money to support him so off to nursing school I went, I’ve been a nurse now for 9 years now. It was my calling, I always knew from a young age that’s what I’d be no questioned asked. I started off riding atv’s, dirt […]

04 Nov 2015

Nicole Andrijauskas

What is your occupation? “Sign painter/ freelance artist” How long have you been riding? “12 years” Why or what/who inspired you? “I sold my car when I moved to San Francisco and hated public transportation. I lied to the woman I bought a scooter from that I “used to ride motorcycles” so she would sell it to me. Shortly after that, I just thought…well, why not get a motorcycle? I wanted to go faster real bad. A friend showed me […]