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04 Nov 2015

Riley Ridd

The first time I rode a motorcycle was during the breaks of my ex-husbands motocross races. I’d get on his tall bike and rev up real fast on a straight shot, totally stoked about the pick-up on his souped up engine, then get all nervous and tippy-toe my way around corners. We bought a little Honda Rebel when we moved to Hawaii for cheap transportation and I figured I’d learn how to really ride (and turn corners) on that. I […]

04 Nov 2015

Sandra Seifert

A few years ago, my partner and I decided to buy a cruiser so we could enjoy riding together. Sure, it was fun, but riding “bitch” didn’t last long. First time out, I tried out my partner’s beloved ’87 Ninja in a high school parking lot and promptly dumped it braking in a turn. So we picked up a little “73 Kawasaki 125 enduro; a “throw-down” bike that I could play around with whenever we went camping. Before you know […]

04 Nov 2015

Jessica Garcia

I grew up on a ranch in Santa Fe riding horses. My uncles were a couple of old Harley fellas who helped foster my tomboy ways. I wanted a motorcycle for as long as I can remember and finally got my 883 Sportster about 7 years ago. While everyone else is getting bigger, better, or cooler bikes, I remain sentimental to my very first baby. She has undergone many changes, but I don’t think I will ever let her go. […]

04 Nov 2015

Felecia Baca

My earliest memory of being on a bike was as a thirteen year old passenger along the highway 101; I was sold. I’ve been riding for 12 years and can’t think of anything I do that requires more deliberate focus and produces more lulled-out bliss at the same time. I adore smelling the trees, feeling when water is nearby, heart-pounding views. Love doing it alone and can’t ever wait to ride with my best friend. The Tetons and Yellowstone with […]

06 Oct 2015

Jen Fairchild

 What is your occupation?  I am a full-time wedding and lifestyle photographer.  Tell your friends!  How long have you been riding?  I’ve been riding for 4 months now (newb!) although I have to say it feels like longer.  Riding just feels like something I was always meant to do.  Why or what/who inspired you?  Prior to this year I was a professional passenger on my man Jeff’s bike for 3 years.  I loved being on the open road with him […]